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CDC FOIA 24-00408 will settle the most infamous conspiracy theory

If they defy the law, we must mobilize politicians and media for enforcement

For every statement an ID's appears in the upper-left corner, or here in brackets [x.xx]. Verify every one by looking up the ID on this spreadsheet that links to the sources:

An exhaustive deep-dive of the scientific literature is at while this video focuses on pressuring the CDC to comply with the FOIA.

Video transcript with sources

I just filed this freedom of information request for the CDC to disclose one pivotal number that legally is public record1. If they violate disclosure laws, the only explanation is that the value fell below 30, as that would prove mathematically and conclusively that nearly everything they thought they knew about pandemics is wrong, that the CDC is really the center for disease creation, and that WHO doctors and philanthropists demanding vaccine passports have been clueless pawns exploited by white supremacists using their vaccines for racial purging.

How can one number prove something so unfathomable?

Well, this spans decades, beginning when early AIDS victims in America’s gay community maintained they were infected, not through the virus’s sexual spread from Africa, but through a separate introduction during an infamous CDC experimental Hepatitis vaccine trial on gay men[4.17]. See, prior to the experiment, hepatitis vaccines were made from the blood of “volunteers” intentionally infected with the virus2.

Let’s be honest. “Volunteers” describes mentally disabled children forced to drink chocolate milk laced with hepatitis-infected excrement.

And now, great moments in unintended consequences. The year: 1976. The problem: It’s challenging to find “volunteers” willing to drink shit so their blood can become a vaccine’s active ingredient. The solution: Infect chimpanzees instead and test it by injecting their blood into high risk gay men. Sounds like a great idea. With the best of intentions. What could possibly go wrong? Tragically, chimpanzees carry the AIDS virus.

This page walks through the public documents referenced in these boxes proving Lot 751 was made from chimpanzee blood, and that these were the number of men vaccinated with it each year. This paper[4.03] lists the CDC’s figures for new HIV infections each year. The CDC concedes that before the experiment began in 1977, there was no HIV in the gay community and the 20,000 men pre-screened were all negative[4.02,4.13]. They estimate that within a year of vaccinating the first 200 volunteers in 1977 the first 3 became HIV+. Infection rates surged exponentially during the primary vaccination period, halving while vaccinating half the placebo group, and plummeted to rates typical of sexual spread the moment the trial concluded.

Permit me to hazard a guess: They waved it off as a fluke that the men became infected with a chimpanzee virus at the precise moment they were injecting them with chimpanzee blood.


We can definitively settle this mathematically. This was a gold-standard randomized double-blinded placebo-controlled trial. One merely compares the 42% overall incidence in participants against the unvaccinated placebo group to compute the universally accepted probability of transmission.

Thus my FOIA seeks the full placebo rate that the CDC has been withholding for 40 years, although somebody snuck the rate for half the placebo group into this seemingly unrelated CDC study, in these figures inexplicably perched atop this chart that at first appears irrelevant[4.15].

Those figures reveal HIV infection was precisely dose dependent and a mere 9% of the placebo group was infected. Scientists must accept these figures as proof of vaccine transmission as the same figures, but in reverse, would be touted as irrefutable proof of vaccine protection.

Exactly. Millions suffered COVID vaccine injuries from their turning a blind eye to vaccine trial results that clearly demonstrated harms. I emailed these authors. Their responses were identical to my critics on X, dismissing the 9% value as partial, yet fuming over my FOIA to get the rest. Despite these figures representing nearly half the placebo group, scientists cling to the hope that with the other half the total will reach at least 30, where it starts to become a gray area.

I recognize scientists must be loath to accept the humiliation of acknowledging everything they thought they knew about viruses was wrong, and concede squandering billions hunting pandemic origins, oblivious to the fact that they themselves are the origin. Still, are you not overly harsh judging an unintentional mishap?

Sadly, No. Because after these events the WHO initiated a campaign to vaccinate Africa against Hepatitis, but South Africa's apartheid regime insisted on Lot 751 for black communities[6.24].

Outrageous. Lot 751 was never an approved vaccine. Why were they administering an approved version to the general population, yet injecting black communities with an experimental concoction made of chimpanzee blood?

I don’t know. Their public documents commend the "highly motivated" apartheid regime for some unspecified "enthusiastic support" in administering this to black Africans[6.23]. WHO financial statements ambiguously mention private jets and South Africa two months after US officials had announced AIDS emerged during the lot 751 trials and all infected had received vaccine not placebo. Four months later the remaining Lot 751 inventory was diverted to apartheid scientists to begin vaccinating the Swazi who had been AIDS-free until that time, but suffered a 40% infection rate post[6.12]. The WHO then added the vaccine to their program, and it seems lot 751 may have been used exclusively in black communities until the 1990’s, after which new infection rates plummeted. First, however, we need the CDC to release the full placebo rate so it's settled if Lot 751 transmitted HIV.

Their call for authority over pandemics is doomed if it's proven that they ignited the pandemic they purported to combat.

It's infuriating that scientists could simply release the placebo rate to definitively settle this. Instead they dismiss it as a conspiracy theory, despite the maker admitting the vaccine was made from blood heavily contaminated with HIV:

HIV was sort of hanging over this vaccine like a cloud even though he had proven clearly that HIV couldn’t possibly survive the treatments that he had subjected that vaccine to.

But Dr. Offit is lying as the CDC only claimed to test the updated inactivation process of the commercial version, while lot 751 was made before HIV’s discovery and only added a chemical the CDC conceded doesn’t kill HIV even at 10 times the concentration[4.06,4.22,4.32]. Therefore, this silently acknowledged that Lot 751 should have transmitted HIV, which would explain why infection rates precisely correlated with doses received. Yet officials dismissed this as a conspiracy theory by spreading the demonstrable lie that they had found HIV in blood samples collected prior to the first vaccination!

And throughout its administration in Africa doctors reported the majority of AIDS transmissions were by injection, and babies born negative were contracting the virus despite no medical intervention other than vaccination[6.13,6.16,6.18].

Today officials demand cult-like blind faith in their assurances, even though it’s a matter of record the same health officials were caught red-handed helping four other pharma companies liquidate HIV contaminated products in overseas markets. So, just release the damn placebo rate and settle this once and for all.3

Should this require a whistleblower to incur personal sacrifices, would you contribute to their cost to do the right thing?

Look, the CDC’s lies about covid vaccines led to the mandate forcing me to get jabbed right after recovering from COVID. A few hours later the hyper inflammatory response had damaged my heart and crushed my inner ear, tormenting me with a permanent ring. And I suspect it compromised my immune system since, like millions of others, I got shingles a couple months later and the numbness in my hands and feet never fully subsided. I had to pay thousands out of pocket as my health insurance doesn’t cover vaccine injuries, and the nation’s top vaccine lawyer warned that trying to seek reimbursement from government programs was futile. I'm not rich but it'd be worth a grand to avoid a repeat as exposing them might stop their labs from cooking up another pandemic for profit, this time with digital id and vaccine passports to make more clot shots inescapable. We can post pledges with these hashtags for potential whistleblowers to track at


FOIA 24-00408


Wikipedia and numerous publications cover Dr. Krugman’s experimental Hepatitis-B vaccine using children at Willowbrook


Wikipedia and numerous publications cover the contaminated haemophilia blood products scandal