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Aids, Apartheid, the WHO and Gates

The WHO worked with South Africa's apartheid regime to vaccinate "black subjects" with an experimental chimp-blood vax AFTER it decimated the gay community
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<meta name="twitter:title" content="AIDS, Apartheid, the WHO & Gates">
<meta name="twitter:description" content="The WHO worked with South Africa's apartheid regime to vaccinate "black subjects" with an experimental chimp-blood vax AFTER it decimated the gay community">
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Video transcript with sources


As unbelievable as it sounds, these public health agency documents describe how the WHO, now accused of doing the bidding of rich donors, previously welcomed “enthusiastic support” from South Africa's apartheid regime to administer an experimental vaccine made from chimpanzee blood, exclusively to black communities. This happened after these documents proved it had transmitted the AIDS virus to America’s gay community[4.15].  Fact-checkers please verify using these document ID’s that appear for every statement I make.

Merck's renowned vaccine inventor, Paul Offit, deleted his X account immediately after I asked for comment on those published CDC results that refute his claim about the vaccine in question[9.01]:

HIV was sort of hanging over this vaccine like a cloud even though he had proven clearly that HIV couldn’t possibly survive the treatments that he had subjected that vaccine to.

1: A vaccine from chimp blood

Dr. Offit acknowledged the vaccine was made from blood that was heavily contaminated with HIV at a time before Merck could test whether the virus in the vaccine had been inactivated[7.11].  Since hepatitis b could be transmitted orally as well as sexually, the first experimental version was made by feeding mentally disabled children chocolate milk containing feces to stimulate the production of hepatitis antigens[3.02], the vaccine’s active ingredient.  What Dr. Offit omitted is that the WHO wrote of that approach.

It is currently not possible to collect and process sufficient quantities of plasma to conduct mass immunization campaigns[3.13, 3.14].

In other words, it’d be too expensive to get enough people to drink number 2 to become a vaccine ingredient.   However, they found a solution:

Human hepatitis virus has been successfully transmitted to chimpanzees.  Their antigens are “indistinguishable” from man.

The CDC and FDA both extracted antigens from chimpanzees to amass plasma pools for vaccine experiments[3.18,3.19].  Dozens of experimental vaccines were made. The FDA expressly stated its vaccine “was obtained from the plasma of a chimpanzee”.  In 1975 Merck's vaccine head wrote they were “safe and suitable for clinical trials in man”[3.31].  A few months later, Dr. Prince, working out of the nation's largest chimpanzee facility, prepared the chimpanzee antigens his patent describes as the first example of a human vaccine made from chimpanzee blood[3.28, 4.04].  Take note the chimpanzees’ antigens were subtype adw, whereas those from the children’s blood were ayw.

The WHO published guidelines for trials using “similar preparations” for medical staff and young male homosexuals.  Per the trial documents:

Two lots of the Merck vaccine… are being used. Subtype adw Lot 751 in the homosexual trial and subtype ayw Lot 761 in the medical staff trial.[4.05]

Thus, heterosexuals dodged a bullet getting injected with the blood from children forced to eat shit while homosexuals weren't so lucky, getting injected with chimpanzee blood which is the source of HIV[4.06, 4.08].  Thus if the manufacturing process did not perfectly inactivate this virus they didn't even know was in there, Lot 751 would have mass introduced new HIV strains into the gay community in New York and California when clinical trials began in 1978.  The scientific papers that purportedly exonerate the vaccine, indeed show 8 new HIV strains appeared out of nowhere in the gay community in New York and California in 1978, with no HIV in the Americas prior[7.21].

On March 12,1983 officials confirmed AIDS had emerged during the trials and that infected participants had received vaccine, not placebo[4.10]. But just six months prior the New York Times reported the vaccine was a success, with scientists praising it as:

A truly remarkable achievement, a way the chimps pay their dues to a society that is saving them from extinction.

The journalist concurred:

Given the prevalence of hepatitis B it is difficult to say that chimps should not have been used in the development of a vaccine. [4.26]

2: CDC studies prove contamination

So I asked Dr. Offit to explain the CDC’s published trial results[9.01].  Blood samples from 20,000[4.02, 4.07] men were collected before the trial starting in 1974, and during the trial every few months from the 2,485 trial participants[4.02,4.15].  None had HIV pre-trial.  The first positive sample was collected in 1978 the first year of the trial[4.17,4.06], and by the end of the trial, 42% of the men were infected with HIV[4.07].  And the CDC reported it was precisely dose dependent, dropping to 9% among those who only got placebo[4.15].

That’s a gold-standard clinical trial that scientifically is proof of causation, not just correlation.[1.08]  This is the data Dr. Offit refused to address.  I have since found another CDC study that did not rely on blood samples[4.03, 1990 Rutherford tab].  Rather it analyzed disease progression among early AIDS cases to estimate the initial year of infection.  They estimate 3 people may have contracted the virus as early as 1977, one year before the trials.  While officials claimed that estimate exonerates the vaccine, Lot 751 was made the year before, in 1976, and the WHO reported that same year it was given to more than 200 men who volunteered in advance of the trials[3.22, 4.31].  Officials blatantly lied when they said of the “conspiracy theory”[4.17]:

Look at the explosion of infections between 1978 and 1980 during mass vaccination in yellow.  They tumbled the moment the CDC was only vaccinating half of the original placebo group in green, and bottomed out the minute vaccination stopped.  In parallel the CDC monitored a high risk group excluded from the trial for a history of unsafe sex and STD’s[4.13].  Their infection rates, approximated with the red line, climbed steadily every year with no connection to vaccination, precisely as one would expect given their infections were solely sexual.  Outrageously, some scientists even today have the gall to defend the vaccine by arguing new infection rates plummeted among the lower risk vaccinated group after vaccination stopped.  Others even hinted it's because the vaccine might have protected them against HIV[9.07].

Here are those same CDC numbers for new infections, but showing the change over the prior year[1990 Rutherford tab].  According to scientists, you are a conspiracy theorist if you see the 3,700% increase in 1978 as a sign something introduced HIV that year.  Using the CDC’s estimates for HIV transmission risk, those infected in 1977 would have had to have unsafe sex to completion with 52 men every day of the year in 1978 for this to be primarily sexual spread.  I dare scientists to identify just 1 man capable of ejaculating every 15 minutes for 1 year straight, yet they expect us to believe that's what all gay men did, but only in 1978?!

3: The absurd defense

The proof of a coverup is evident in the scientific papers that officials assert vindicate the vaccine[7.21, 7.22]. Michael Worobey, the lead author and the scientist who “proved” that the Coronavirus didn't originate from the Wuhan lab, offers this scientific explanation for the appearance of those 8 new HIV variants precisely when and where mass vaccination began:

The extensive genetic diversity in New York in 1978 can be explained, ONLY, by several years of circulation of the virus before.  The virus likely moved from Africa to Haiti in or around 1966 and then spread there for some years.  Our results suggest that HIV-1 circulated, CRYPTICALLY, in the United States for 12 years before the recognition of AIDS in 1981.

That's the only explanation?  The explosive emergence in 1978 among gay men in New York and California cannot also be explained by your colleagues injecting those same men, that same year, in those same cities with chimpanzee blood precisely at the moment they became infected with that chimpanzee virus?  Like all pharma papers exonerating vaccines, Worobey began with the conclusion he needed to reach, then worked backward to construct an absurd scenario he knew couldn’t possibly be correct.

The CDC already said the earliest possible infection was 1977.  Besides, during the 1960s and 1970s Haiti was a major blood donor to the U.S., donating the equivalent of a swimming pool each year[7.23].  Yet not one of the tens of millions of Americans who received blood transfusions every year contracted the virus before the vaccine trial.  He bases his claim that the virus came from Haiti solely on the discovery in the 1980’s that among tens of thousands of infected Americans they found five who had immigrated from Haiti the prior decade.  Scientists have the audacity to say my argument is “coincidence” and this is “direct empirical evidence”.  The paper itself calls this conjecture ‘cryptic' because it is contradicted by every piece of empirical evidence.

Let’s look at what his own data actually says.  In my spreadsheet, I've itemized every HIV positive blood sample referenced in Worobey's papers. My map features a timeline.  A syringe icon drops


for each instance of a vaccine Worobey claims did not transmit HIV.  A pin drops

for every blood sample from his list.

This incoming syringe is the oral polio vaccine given in Kinshasa, Congo in 1958.  Worobey claimed in this paper that it did not transmit HIV because the chimpanzees used to make the vaccine were of the wrong subspecies[7.18].  But note his claim the virus was spreading since the 1930’s was also based on starting with the assumption that it could not have been the vaccine, so it must have somehow been spreading “cryptically” for years since nobody could find even one HIV positive blood sample anywhere in the world prior.

Here are the incoming hepatitis vaccines made from chimpanzee blood.  Note for 20 years HIV had spread slowly in Africa, only exported a couple times from the area where the polio vaccine was given.

After 1981 the virus began spreading, but watch how many more cases appeared at the trial sites over the next 2 years.  Then in 1983 Merck sold the remaining Lot 751 to South Africa’s apartheid regime where the WHO helped administer it for another 10 years.

4: WHO + Apartheid partnership

The events of 1983 mark the most sinister turn because they weren’t just covering up a past accident, but helping Merck sell the remaining Lot 751 after these events.

Following the gay trials, the CDC confirmed:

Many individuals have been reluctant to be immunized for fear of contracting AIDS. [4.22]

The CDC provided assurances the commercial vaccine sold under the brand name Heptavax was derived from human blood and screened for HIV, concluding:

These observations clearly demonstrate that vaccination with the currently available hepatitis B vaccine poses no demonstrable risk for acquiring AIDS.

However, after these events white apartheid-era scientists in South Africa expressly sought, just for black subjects, not the commercial version, but “Merck Heptavax lot 751”[6.08,6.24].  Calling it “Heptavax” was a lie as that was the brand name of the FDA-approved version made from human blood that everybody who was NOT a black subject in Africa had already been getting for years.  The lead scientist’s obituary just says he was known for writing poetry in German and imitating Desmund Tutu[8.02].  He wrote in his scientific papers:

The Merck vaccine has not been tested in, BLACK, infants in rural African areas, where it is most needed.[6.24]

No motive is stated for expressly seeking the experimental chimpanzee-blood version given to gay men the prior decade.  The South African trials began among the Swazi.  Pre-vaccination blood samples were collected, all HIV negative. However, post-vaccination, 40% of the Swazi ultimately tested HIV positive[6.12]. The rollout of Lot 751 continued across the region.  Nearly a decade after AIDS outbreaks kept following, the WHO still commended the 'highly motivated' apartheid regime for their 'enthusiastic support' in initiating yet another vaccination campaign with this same vaccine in Venda, yet another exclusively black community[6.23].  Prior to this, Venda had been the least affected by HIV, but following the arrival of the white savior[6.22], Venda’s luck had run out.[6.21]

South Africa reported its first case only in 1982, brought by a gay man who had visited the U.S.[6.26] For the first five years, the virus spread solely within South Africa's gay community, not affecting the heterosexual black population until they received mass vaccinations with Lot 751[6.07].  In the Congo, where HIV first emerged decades earlier I find no mention of Lot 751, nor was there ever a surge in infections[6.27].  HIV barely spread to the north, where I also find no mention of Lot 751. Instead, its spread was only pronounced to the south, where the only lot I find mentioned until the 1990’s was 751.

So, I challenge scientists to find one instance after 1983 that the experimental chimpanzee blood version was ever tested for HIV or administered anywhere BUT exclusively black communities in Sub-Saharan Africa. Or show me one time that Lot 751 was given to a large group that did not suffer a massive AIDS outbreak later. During the gay trials it was also trialed briefly on villages in Eastern China.  They have nothing in common other than receiving lot 751 and a few years later they too suffered an unexplainable AIDS outbreak that left scientists baffled.

5: How they got away with it

Whistleblowers who admitted to working in apartheid-funded clinics, intentionally administering HIV-contaminated vaccines, were labeled conspiracy theorists, as if they had some reason to falsely confess to murder[8.03].  In the 1990s, doctors reported cases where babies born HIV-negative tested positive by age two, with vaccination as their only medical intervention. However, institutions refused to consider anything but sexual transmission[6.16].  Anomalies in laboratory tests of newly infected Africans concluded[6.18]:

Blood-borne transmission likely accounts for a large majority of HIV infections in Africa.

Despite these concerns, no laboratory was willing to test vaccines for HIV contamination according to Oxford Professor Bill Hamilton[7.24]. He wrote that laboratories feared losing government and pharmaceutical funding if they found HIV in a vaccine. He also mentioned his inability to persuade scientific journals to publish his findings linking vaccines to HIV:

Is there a possibility scientists simply don't want to know, don’t want to accept perhaps, at least the moral if not the legal liability for what has been done, for the AIDS virus?

I feel that this is so and it is one of the most worrying aspects of the case.  I feel it is not only the origin of AIDS that is in question.  It is the conduct of science.  There seems to be a great reluctance to publish anything about it, or to test any of the evidence that could be tested.  To have to admit that this even might have happened, let alone that it actually did happen.

Dr. Hamilton said that while scientists privately acknowledged he might be right, nobody would dare say it out loud:

The scientific world has dealt with this hypothesis with personal attack, with refusal to discuss or publish, with libel suits and threats. But almost never with science.

Pharma scientists similarly call me a smooth-brained useless hemorrhoid conspiracy theorist.  Listen to their response after reading CDC statistics and passages from Dr. Offit’s book:

The facts are that the hepatitis vaccine did not cause AIDS. It did not carry AIDS. It did not have HIV virus within it. That's bullshit. There's not a single shred of evidence you can provide that's in there. You would need evidence to show evidence there's actually HIV in the hepatitis B vaccine but you don't have that because it doesn't exist. All you have is books written by clowns and charlatans that you bought because you're stupid for your own money. You bought the books because you're a clown. thanks for playing. I appreciate it. Let's go to another crazy…

For the record, the first “crazy” to say this, was the man who made Lot 751, in this leaked recording from 1987, revealing how differently scientists talk among themselves:

There were 40 different viruses in these vaccines anyway that we were inactivating. But you weren't inactivating the killed… That's right. The yellow fever vaccine had leukemia virus in it. This was in the days of very crude science. I didn't know we were importing AIDS virus at the time. So it was you who introduced AIDS virus to the country. So now we know. What Merck won't do to develop a vaccine. It was good science at the time because that was what you did. You didn't worry about these wild viruses.

6: Great Reset = Red Terror 2.0

Please help me pressure scientists and officials to address their own data[4.03].  Will they fact-check in good faith, or are they so drunk on pharma Kool Aid they’ll continue to insist nothing happened in 1978?

This is important not just for justice. The WHO, WEF and UN are pushing treaties to force our compliance with their mandates.  

The world will move to biometric ID. You need to know who has been vaccinated and who hasn’t been. People who are vaccinated should be able to enjoy greater freedom to travel and greater freedom from restrictions.

They proudly stated in this video that we will own nothing and rent everything from them.

In this new world, we must accept transparency, and I'll even say total transparency. Everything is going to be transparent, and you have to get used to it, you have to behave accordingly. If you have nothing to hide, you shouldn't be afraid.

He's clearly not afraid or hiding his intentions.  Vladimir Lenin did transform Russia into a communist state where citizens owned nothing and rented everything from the ruling elite.  But far from being happy, millions were massacred during Lenin’s Red Terror campaign, which included hanging everyone who didn't “behave accordingly” and submit to his demand for “total transparency”. 

Shouldn't 'total transparency' extend to disclosing the contents of the vaccine they administered exclusively to black Africans? They admit that “behave accordingly” means they won’t let us talk about this.  They demand an end to our financial privacy through CBDCs while the financial details of whatever 'enthusiastic support' they received from the apartheid regime remain secret.[8.04]  We must expose the WHO as a captured agency doing the bidding of rich donors with ulterior motives.  Please encourage public fact-checking and media coverage.  This is a big story that needs to be heard.