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Unearthed FDA Document Rewrites the Narrative on AIDS, Gays, Africans, and Vaccines?!

$1,000 reward to fact-check and debunk. FDA doc proves: Inventors of Merck's vax tested on gay men WERE injecting humans with chimp blood, and there was no AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa when the jabs be

Claiming my $1,000 reward

The challenge is real, and will be paid. After my Episode 7: AIDS OPV Theory video, when @pizzapicklespur and @sperber_aron sent me mountains of documents supporting their claim that AIDS came from Merck’s Hep-B vaccine, I dismissed it as conspiracy theory nonsense, but couldn’t get out of my head that no scientist would patent injecting Hepatitis-B-infect chimp blood not humans if they had not done it1. After lots of digging I found the proof they were testing it2, must have taken blood samples before and after to test for Hep-B, but couldn’t find the results of testing for HIV. It’s inconceivable that when investigation the origins of a chimp-human viral pandemic nobody looked at the blood samples from chimp-human experiments going on at the time. After a month of searching for HIV rates in Sub-Saharan Africa, and finding it so suspicious that I couldn’t find them either, I found so many documents dispelling the rumors that AIDS in Africa was caused by rampant unprotected sex, then this document explaining AIDS origins3 and while pulling up all the references, I found the #1074 in my video. It really was a gut-wrenching moment because I really always did have this imagine of Africans being sex-crazed nymphomaniacs given the rate of AIDS, and assumed the word about why so many children were infected.

Therefore, the $1,000 offer is genuinely intended to motivate fact-checkers, and I will pay if someone debunks this. As explained in the video I will pay for $1,000 to debunk the theory by showing that the pre-trial samples from baseline epidemiological studies showed AIDS was circulating in >=1% before the 1976 Hep-B plasma trials in the US gay community and 1981 in Sub-Saharan Africa. I’m not a scientist and will readily admit and pay up if someone proves me wrong. Reach out on @factbid or email


I couldn’t sleep because yesterday I stumbled upon this seemingly unreferenced orphan FDA document5 that utterly annihilates everything we’ve been told about vaccines, AIDS, the gay community, Africa, and Asia's opium triangle—overshadowing any scandal RFK ever mentioned.  Its implications are so profound that, to incentivize fact-checkers to verify I haven’t lost my mind, I’ll give $1,000 to whoever flags my oversight. Check my track record;  I’m a man of my word and always admit my errors and pay up.

If you confirm I’m not making this up, please join me in pledging to support a whistleblower because this document suggests that if the pending WHO Pandemic Treaty we’re about to sign had existed in the 1980’s, it could have destroyed our society.

Begin by verifying the list of significant yet inexplicable outbreaks of AIDS, the disease caused by the most infamous chimpanzee virus. This ChatGPT list is uncontroversial.  But, now search the NIH website for trials of vaccines the maker described as being made from chimpanzee blood or tissue, like this one6. Aside from the Congo vaccine whose maker originally said….7

Every other trial relates to Merck’s original Hepatitis B vaccine made from blood, which began by first permanently archiving blood samples from a broad population in that area, which samples were later re-examined when a test for the AIDS virus was developed.  America’s gay meccas were AIDS free when the trials began, yet 70% of participants became infected891011.

Scientists tell us AIDS was spreading sexually across Africa for decades.  So how is it possible that, according to that FDA bombshell, after 22 years AIDS apparently had barely spread outside of its origin in Kinshasa, Congo1213?  Did Africans really have more sex in the months following vaccination than in the 22 years that preceded it?  If AIDS had been spreading sexually across Africa for decades, according to ChatGPT’s math, there’s only a 1 in 38,000 possibility that it could have evaded detection in these pre-vaccination samples, had a mere 1% carried the virus.

Doesn’t this make it highly probable that the day the white saviors arrived in Sub-Saharan Africa in 1981 to begin vaccine trials, the region was largely AIDS free outside of Kinshasa where the virus was first found 1 year after allegedly being inoculated with minced-up chimpanzee kidneys?  Yet just a few years after vaccination began, 18% were infected with the AIDS virus, many children whose mothers were uninfected14.  When the governments began testing all pregnant women at first they were negative, until those vaccinated babies reached child-bearing age, when it was discovered up to one third carried the AIDS virus15

But the strange coincidences don’t stop there, since a similar scenario unfolded in China16, where Merck trialed the vaccine here in 198217. A few years later, children in that region also began mysteriously dying of AIDS, and nearby villages saw 10% of their population infected. China’s use of Merck's vaccine was short-lived, quickly shifting to a domestic version, leaving only Sub-Saharan Africa to continue administering the version made from blood well into the 1990’s when half the population was already dead, because, of course, the cause was anything but the vaccine.

China’s outbreak was blamed on drug users in the opium triangle on the opposite side of that enormous country, hypothesized to have donated contaminated blood. However, there’s no explanation why children, who never had blood transfusions, but did get the Merck vaccine, contracted AIDS. In Sub-Saharan Africa, the blame was put on negligent nurses for some reason reusing single-use disposable needles during vaccination18.  The assumption was the AIDS virus was on the dirty needles’ exterior, with no consideration for the possibility the virus lurked on the inside. In the US, the blame was squarely placed on gay men who are just a bunch of sluts.

Verify by comparing AIDS cases in global gay meccas which saw infection rates rarely get above single digits in the gay community to these 3 gay cities where infection rates reached 70%.  Am I correct the only thing different about those 3 cities is they trialed this vaccine, which vaccine is also the only thing those 3 cities have in common with the outbreaks in Sub-Saharan Africa and Eastern China, which vaccine happens to be the only one the maker ever admitted DID contain the AIDS virus, and the only vaccine heterosexual Americans rejected for fear it caused AIDS.

So far 75% of cases are homosexuals. But 5% are non-drug using heterosexuals with no known risk factors. What about the new Hepatitis B vaccine. It’s made from the blood of gay men. It’s safety is now being questioned. My understanding it’s coming from gay men who have been victims of Hepatitis B, which is the same community where the AIDS is most rampant now. Since we don’t know what the infectious particle is, I know there is some hesitancy now in various departments particularly in infectious disease here at the hospital as to who should be receiving the vaccine.19

and the only vaccine whose inventor said right after a test for the AIDS virus was developed…

I didn't know we were importing AIDS virus at the time. It was you who introduced AIDS virus to the country. Now we know. This is the real story. What Merck will do to develop a vaccine.

And the only vaccine about which the discoverer of the AIDS virus said…

If you told me you were giving me a vaccine from human blood at that time, obtained from high risk patients, I’d say, “Hmm, maybe I can do without my hepatitis B vaccine from my good ole friend Maurice.”

And SO ironically the only vaccine whose biggest defender said…

And thus we had the so-called plasma derived hepatitis B vaccine. A vaccine that was made from, no doubt, the most dangerous starting material that we ever used, that I would argue, created this safest vaccine we’ve ever used.20

I was emotional last night because I’ve always promised to take my daughter to Africa to experience what I did as a young man and world traveler, where the happiest children I’ve ever met rushed over to greet me, when I was all alone wandering around their town, innocent youngsters anxious to let me take their picture, inviting me into their humble home, generously sharing whatever food they had, refusing to let me chip-in because all they wanted was to practice their English, and as I sat cuddling their babies, enjoying their hospitality and home cooking, in the back of my mind, I kept thinking “If only Africans weren’t so promiscuous”.  But now I can’t stop thinking that half of those children who warmly invited this complete stranger into their home may be dead, and lamenting “If only Africans weren’t so trusting”.

Scientists, the least we can do is get to the bottom of this.  The 1957 Congo polio vaccine was covered in Episode 7, which I naively thought was the big scandal.  So let’s dig into the Merck vaccine:

Gallo and others identified HIV, human immunodeficiency virus, as the cause of AIDS. And Hilleman quickly showed that it was incapable of surviving his inactivation process. The vaccine was safe.

In Dr. Offit’s book, the definitive debunking of the “conspiracy theory” that Merck’s vaccine caused the AIDS pandemic, he noted development started when Dr. Prince “took blood from people before and after they received transfusions,” but he forgot one key detail hiding in plain sight on the NIH website.  The transfusions involved “Cross-circulation between the human patient’s circulatory system and that of a healthy chimpanzee.”2122

He references this paper by the vaccine’s inventor but curiously he forgot to include the opening paragraph which describes the “development and evaluation in chimpanzees of a vaccine against hepatitis B.” The patent application states the #1 method of vaccination is injecting humans with blood “plasma of a carrier chimpanzee previously inoculated with human” hepatitis.  Would any scientist patent something they’d never tested?

His book concedes Merck’s vaccine did contain the AIDS virus, but while assuring us Merck wasn’t responsible for introducing that chimpanzee virus to the American gay community, he fails to acknowledge anywhere that development involved injecting Americans with, at times, raw and unprocessed chimpanzee blood, prior to which the gay community was AIDS free.

Dr. Offit omits a quote from his colleague, declaring it for the greater good to conduct early experiments on those “human in form but not in social potential”—including orphans, the mentally disabled, Africans under apartheid and colonial rule and…  

It would seem, in Dr. Offit’s own words, the “gay community at the New York Blood Center” where they “recruited a thousand homosexual men” with these flyers in New York's gay bars and bathhouses.  The same year the patent for injecting humans with chimp blood was granted, Merck and the CDC began formal national trials in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles, assuring participants the vaccine's safety and efficacy had already been proven in previous trials. I’ve found references to those previous trials starting around 1973, and it seems they always started by archiving population-wide blood samples to measure hepatitis prevalence.

In 1974 Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s uncle legislated the mandatory archiving of all pharmaceutical experiment materials and data in response to the Tuskegee scandal23. I assume this archive must contain specifics of who Merck injected, when, where, what species blood was used, and what purification process, if any, was employed.  If for whatever reason Merck hasn’t already done so, testing those pre-1978 blood samples they collected before, during and after the experiments, samples which Kennedy’s uncle forced them to preserve, would prove whether or not Merck introduced AIDS to America.  Yet, I only find mention of the trials, but not the trial data. It’s inconceivable that Paul Offit, a top-level Merck insider, authoring the definitive defense of Merck, would not have asked for the pre-1978 trial data that would definitely prove or disprove Merck’s innocence.  Unless…..

Silly me..  I forgot, Dr. Offit proves that won’t be necessary because the CDC already identified Patient Zero who brought AIDS to America: Trolley-dolly Gaetan Dugas whose “sexual escapades were legendary”2425.  Seriously Offit, did you do any fact-checking?  No, the CDC never called him Patient Zero, he arrived to the US in the middle of the AIDS pandemic26, not at the beginning, he’s on the list of “Times In History That A Scapegoat was Blamed And People Fell For It”27.

Dr. Offit holds a $1.5 million research chair at Children's Hospital funded by Merck. And future royalties for the vaccine were just sold for $182 million cash. So you don't think you have any conflict of interest here as a guy who created the vaccine as someone who would be seen as not wanting to speak out against this particular vaccine. Of course not, what motivated me to do that, and my reward from that, was of course not financial. My interest is in trying to represent the science of vaccine safety so that can parents can understand and won't make bad decisions that put their children at risk.

Offit’s definitive defense of Merck just sweeps under the rug the entire AIDS pandemic that killed 10x more people than the holocaust.  And like that, the world’s health agencies, scientists and pharma industry wiped their hands, relieved some dead flight attendant unable to defend himself was to blame for the death of 40 million people28.  No need to dig deeper, case closed, Merck’s innocent.

Sorry, I do follow the science.  And that means I need to see the data.  So unless somebody claims that $1,000 by proving I just had a brain fart, hand over the receipts, bitch.  Since Merck hasn’t complied with Kennedy’s law requiring their release, here’s my offer to give $1,000 to whoever comes forward with the data on the trials.

If the data is already out there and proves AIDS was not Merck’s greatest gift to America, don’t send me insults, just send the data link and your payment instructions.  I swear I’ll honor my word and apologize for this false alarm.

If it's being withheld what do we suppose that means?  Well, one thing it definitely means is only a high-ranking Merck whistleblower could produce it.  Last time Merck scientists blew the whistle over falsified MMR trial data it led to a decade-long legal battle, with Merck seeking their imprisonment for disclosing confidential records.  Considering Merck's aggressive stance against whistleblowers who didn’t even reveal harm, imagine if one comes forward with proof Merck's vaccine killed more people than the World Wars.

If that’s the case my $1,000 pledge isn’t even a drop in the bucket.  If I were rich, I’d put $50 million in escrow for whoever comes forward.  But I’m not.  I’ve spent my whole life developing free software in the public domain, so all I can do is donate FactBid and plead with all of you, PLEASE let’s get a million people to pledge a small amount, like $50.  It can’t hurt.  Worst case we sent a post and nothing happens.  But if we get enough posts so our combined bounty sufficiently compensates someone for coming forward, we’ll change history, and maybe take down the globalist organizations.  Potential whistleblowers can track our pledges on, then come forward when it’s adequate, and post their direct donation instructions so we can have their back and cover their legal costs and help them start a new life in exile.  I will repost claims so followers won't miss the chance to honor pledges.

Each time I make this plea, supporters privately tell me I’m crazy for sticking my neck out like this.  But there’s strength in numbers.  The CIA can’t take out a million people posting on X.  Aren’t there others who are not willing to just roll over and let those in power do whatever they want with no accountability?  I can’t be the only one willing to stand up.  If there’s another way or anybody else doing this, let me know, and I’ll join their cause.

If you think there wasn’t a massive cover up, explain why Google shows that bombshell FDA report that rewrites the origin of AIDS has only been referenced one time.  Here.  Which doesn’t mention Merck or vaccines or that the test results showed Africa was AIDS free when Merck arrived in 1981.  The bombshell that contradicts everything the authors are claim is reference #107, but nothing in their paper even mentions 10729.

Now for the WHO pandemic treaty, consider…

And the perception was that HIV was sort of hanging over this vaccine like a cloud even though he had proven clearly that HIV couldn’t possibly survive the treatments that he had subjected that vaccine to.  So ultimately he had to abandon it. It was a tough period. I’m sure it was tough on the company, because they invested in making the vaccine. It was tough on Maurice himself.

Poor Merck.  Let’s not shed too many tears for Merck’s struggle getting Americans to reject anti-vax misinformation and obey demands to get the jab.  We’ve seen Merck had already finished trials in more compliant markets, in eastern Sub-Saharan Africa and eastern China, where good, obedient citizens submitted to mandates without defying their leaders like rebellious Americans.

If viable AIDS virus was in the vaccine, I think that means in the 1980’s, had Americans been subservient like the Chinese and Africans, and just obeyed, then all American children would have received that same vaccine given in Sub-Saharan Africa and perhaps suffered the same fate, with 1/3 of us dying, life expectancy plummeting to 34 years, and the US, like those African countries, becoming a failed state.  And if the misinformation censorship apparatus existed back then, just like Africans, Americans would believe we brought this calamity upon ourselves by our decadent sexual revolution.  

If it was the vaccine, I guess what saved America was that, back then, our rebellious, libertarian roots hadn't yet withered away. We demanded our free speech right to propagate anti-vax misinformation and conspiracy theories, “What about the new Hepatitis B vaccine”, brazenly defying mandates from the CDC, WHO, and health leaders all ordering us to roll up our sleeves.

I have no problem with mandates. I'm all for them. Often if you don’t take these products you can’t go to school, you can’t become a nurse, you can’t become a doctor, you can’t go work in a hospital. These are serious, and if pharma industry and health authorities have their way, you wo’t be able to do anything in American society without taking these products.

In contrast to today's laws where we become silenced and doctors lose their licenses for straying from the WHO and CDC vaccine safety narrative30, back then doctors faced no repercussions for fearlessly refusing to comply. “Here at the hospital as to who should be receiving the vaccine”.  And Dr. Offit confirms that is what forced Merck to develop a newer, more expensive blood-free version for the US market, while continuing to sell the cheap blood-derived version in other markets.

Remember, other pharma companies were far more reckless than Merck, because even after AIDS was well understood, companies like Bayer continued to source cheap blood from prisons rather than pay for more expensive screened blood31.  When authorities learned FDA-approved products did contain live AIDS virus and were infecting thousands, we know for a fact, US officials not only helped pharma hide this from the public, they let American pharma continue selling the cheaper contaminated versions in poor countries fully aware they were infecting people with AIDS, just to boost the profits of the pharma companies those officials went to work for32.  We dodged a bullet as the only reason this didn’t cause a pandemic was because those products were limited to ailing adults, rather than vaccines injected in healthy babies.

The central point of my video is that if you agree it might have been the vaccine, that means if the pending WHO Pandemic treaty with its mandates, vaccine passports, and misinformation censorship rules existed back then, we all might have been forced to take “The safest vaccine ever invented” possibly for many years after suspicions arose since nobody would have dared speak up and risk their social credit score or having their CBDC wallets and digital ID frozen33.  Merck would not have “had to find another way to make it”. The massacre would be America’s Tiananmen square that nobody knows even happened34.

Digital platforms are being misused to subvert science and spread disinformation. This clear and present global threat demands clear and coordinated global action. Its proposals are aimed at creating guardrails to help governments come together around guidelines that promote facts while exposing conspiracies and lies.35

Many are warning about surrendering our liberty to the globalist organizations, but I don’t see one other proposal for something we can do right now to stop them.  Whining about it, and going to courts and congressional hearings isn’t getting anywhere.  But if we come together and incentivize a whistleblower to come forward with something of this magnitude, hopefully, finally lambs will take note of the wolves in sheep’s clothing and demand their treaty be…. repurposed.

Let’s follow the science, but to do that we need to incentivize someone to hand over the data.  So, please, fact-check me and post your pledge.


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