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ChatGPT shows how we CAN resolve the vaccine debate and ensure a fair 2024 election

We need to crowdfund the type of study he just described in Africa. It costs nothing to try, could be monumental

Irrespective of your views on Kennedy or vaccines, obviously resolving safety concerns and ensuring a fair election is a win for everyone.  This African study1 he’s going to describe holds the key. When he finishes I will recap ChatGPT's analysis concluding we CAN crowdfund a similar study to conclusively settle this debate in the U.S. before the 2024 election.  Resolving the toxic vaccine safety conflict could not only save lives but potentially even curb civil unrest2. Voters are already crying election fraud because this vax controversy is being used to justify Kennedy's censorship3, denying him a level playing. Listen to how we can avoid this.

Kennedy previously emphasized that current FDA safety tests, which compare vaccines against each other instead of a true placebo, won't sway skeptics. 

To definitively resolve this controversy in a manner all sides must accept, we need a comprehensive long-term analysis of overall health outcomes based on vaccination status, similar to the African study but encompassing all vaccines and demographics, with a design to preempt criticism.

As ChatGPT affirmed, the data is readily available.  The obstacle is governments, pharma, and foundations with the necessary resources will never sponsor research that risks a repeat of Africa and might implicate their own products and policies.

Yet, for years we've had platforms to crowdfund quality studies ourselves; for some reason we don’t use them, instead waiting for government and media to spoon feed us beliefs.  Let’s fix that right now and get the ball rolling by tweeting our support and spreading awareness.  It’s so quick and easy.  Visit, select JapanUsVaxStudy, and the blue button to initiate an editable tweet pledging to support the definitive study to lay the matter to rest.  I'm covering the $100 monthly cost for Twitter API access so FactBid can catalog all tweets or 'bids.'  Of course our tweets are free and not legally binding but it lets respected, neutral scientists see when there are sufficient pledges to fund a robust study so they can respond with their offer and funding proposal, like or a university escrow.

For a deep dive, in Episode 2, ChatGPT reviews numerous studies adding its unbiased, fact-based analysis to explain why comparing US data to Japan would be even more conclusive due to Japan's unique approach to vaccination with minimal vaccination schedules and, rather than mandates, Japan addresses skeptics’ concerns by reformulating their own versions. So, comparing the two countries would not only unveil potential concerns but also show if Japan's approach successfully mitigates them. Any sincere vaccine advocate must welcome this study. Only the most greedy pharma profiteer would dare claim that vaccines significantly affect health outcomes, yet deny the obvious possibility that Japan's very distinct vaccine approach might play a role in their very distinct low infant mortality, high life expectancy, and excellent cost-to-benefit healthcare.

So please tweet your support for a study now so we can get the results before the 2024 election, thus neutralizing any justification for censorship, and ensuring all candidates a level playing field.




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