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Episode 4: ChatGPT's analysis: Is rise in transgenderism purely societal? Or are there environmental factors?

Are testosterone levels dropping in males/rising in females? Why? What's the effect? How can we keep sports fair? Let's crowdsource facts and rewards to keep gender clinics honest.

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Crowdfunding a quality, peer-reviewed gender study that focus on data with no bias or agenda to determine if trans has environmental factors, such as if/why testosterone dropping in males/rising in females.

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If anyone working with pharma or gender clinics sees abuse or exploitation of gender issues for profit, you don't need to worry about losing your livelihood if you expose it. These tweeters pledge to have your back.

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Disclaimer: ChatGPT is an AI model and its responses are based on its training data and may not necessarily represent expert or professional advice.

Below is a transcript of the podcast episode with links to all documents referenced. The repeatable transcript you can us with ChatGPT to verify every word from the Avatar's digital lips is ChatGPT's authentic, self-generated answer based on its own fact-finding using the publicly available data it selected is in this PDF:

4 Trans Transcript
334KB ∙ PDF file

Today, we’ll tackle the contentious transgender issue, but replacing the divisive rhetoric with factual clarity, using FactBid to crowdsource impartial research to bridge the conservative and woke gap, plus crowdsource incentives to ensure gender-clinics prioritize patients over profits.

Men's plummeting testosterone levels are undeniable1.  Might this contribute to boys increasing gender discomfort?  I’ll share my experience with a gender-affirming medical intervention way back in the 1990’s.

On the other hand for decades scientists have shown the vast majority of girls with this condition exposing them to high levels of testosterone later transition and identify as male. 

Yet the insert for the testosterone gels millions of men have started using everyday warn that's exactly what we're doing when girls come into contact, and that it can cause irreversible masculinization. Could this recent anti aging trend be contributing to the surge in female-to-male transitioning?

In just a century, non-binary athletes went from rarity to being common enough that every 800m female medalist at the 2016 Olympics was born female but allegedly had male male chromosomes and testosterone levels. This led to categorizing athletes by testosterone level, not anatomy, intended to protect women's sports. But it enabled athletes like Lia Thomas to compete as women after lowering testosterone levels.

Neither side proposes a solution. Revert to anatomy testing? Bar such athletes from competition? The big question is if the rise in transgenderism is entirely societal or if there actually are environmental or medical factors. Conservatives won’t touch this as they prefer to dismiss being trans as a psychiatric disorder.  The woke side also rejects the notion that there might be an underlying medical condition that, if addressed, might prevent transgenderism.  But what about moderate parents who, while loving our children unconditionally, hope they embrace their natural bodies without needing surgery and medication?

Today, we focus on the facts. The transcript proves ChatGPT’s Avatar speaks AI’s authentic, neutral analysis based on verifiable science from trusted public sources it selected.

ChatGPT, what’s the history?

Ancient societies, like Ancient Greece, acknowledged non-binary genders and people with mixed sex traits. Over a century ago, Western society began identifying female athletes with ambiguous anatomy. With modern genetic testing, some female athletes with XY chromosomes, typically male, were found.

Some of these athletes have high testosterone due to a genetic condition potentially influenced by environmental factors. The increasing diagnoses could be due to more frequent detection rather than increased prevalence.

Non-genetic conditions can also cause high testosterone in female athletes, potentially influenced by environmental factors such as dietary hormones and endocrine disruptors in products like sunscreen. However, more research is needed for a comprehensive understanding of these influences.

Conservatives assert non-binary is non-existent and that bones can decisively identify gender. How would future scientists interpret, for example, Caster’s remains?

For individuals with differences in sex development (DSD) like Caster Semenya, determining sex from bones can be complex. Pelvic bones may resemble female characteristics, while a DNA analysis could reveal XY chromosomes, typically associated with males.

So we can challenge conservatives asking “What is a woman?” with “You tell me, is Caster a woman?”  We can also challenge the 'woke' stance that athletes should compete based on self-identified categories since we should all agree that every category in sports, not just gender, logically must be grounded in some form of objective assessment. Right?

Sports are categorized into divisions like gender, weight, age, and physical ability, including special categories for disabilities in events like the Paralympics and Special Olympics. This promotes fair competition. These divisions use objective tests or measurements for appropriate placement.

If we allow self-identification in categories, then Mike Tyson, after his heavyweight reign could self-identify as a flyweight, then a woman, then a young girl, and then disabled? The woke side calls for accepting biological differences without category restrictions. But, do they really want Tyson pulverizing little girls in wheelchairs?  Why not extend self-identification to tax filing, allowing billionaires to identify as minimum-wage waitresses? The 'woke' movement is supposed to be about fairness, so they must propose an objective measure to keep it fair.

Conversely, conservatives purport to uphold Christian family values which requires treating others as you'd want to be treated. Suppose your cherished daughter exhibited male traits and attraction to females due to genetics or high testosterone. Would you love her less? If she tried hiding her secret by being extra feminine, yet was publicly humiliated by a professor referring to her with male pronouns because of her male DNA, would you accept that he’s just following the science and his speech cannot be compelled?  What if her joy in life was sports, but she was expelled because of her genetic mutation, with no accommodation to compete as a human being? Shouldn't a good Christian ask 'what if it were my child'?

Your concerns highlight the dual aspects of the debate in sports: the need for fair competition and the rights of transgender or athletes with sex development differences.

Sports authorities create categories like gender, weight, and age for fair competition. However, they must also respect self-identified genders, especially for transgender and intersex athletes, who may face discrimination.

Each side has valid concerns. The "woke" side argues for inclusivity, while conservatives worry about unfair advantage if biological males compete against females. The issue is complex, requiring a balance of fair competition, athletes' rights, and scientific understanding of sex and athletic performance.

Neither side acknowledges the other’s valid concerns, making even basic discussions like defining 'woman' challenging. Conservatives should accept that word meanings naturally evolve. Historically, biological men presenting as women have used female pronouns and terms without controversy. Conversely, the progressive side should recognize that in the past, dual meanings coexisted peacefully. No one demanded abandoning traditional usage for awkward replacements like 'person with a uterus'. Imagine if Elizabeth was advised that 'queen' had a new meaning, so she had to say: 'Greetings Britain. This is your monarch with a uterus'.

Before getting to the solution, I got gender-affirming care way back in the 1990’s.  

During my high school years, I was an introverted computer geek, uncomfortable in my own body and self-conscious of my scrawny physique. My asexual, campy behavior was not an attempt to get attention, but rather any attempt to act macho felt like a pathetic girly man pretending to be the terminator. My attempts to bulk up in the gym yielded ZERO results. Although I didn't identify as female, I didn't feel masculine either. I ended up seeking help from an endocrinologist, the 1990s equivalent of a gender clinic. Tests revealed my testosterone levels were inexplicably low, closer to female than male levels.

Like today my doctor had drugs to nudge hormonal levels towards male or female norms using either testosterone supplements or blockers, the latter now rebranded as 'puberty blockers.' Back then doctors followed the path of least resistance and least profit, pushing us towards our biological genders. Testosterone injections made a profound, immediate impact, boosting my weight, strength, confidence, and changing my personality. From my experience, I can affirm that feelings of gender discomfort can have tangible medical and hormonal underpinnings, and medical interventions can help.

Nowadays, testosterone supplementation is simplified to a gel, which millions of men, including myself, apply daily. It works well, enhancing strength and virility through absorption into the skin. However, the packaging warns of irreversible masculinization in girls upon contact. Testosterone exposure does transition girls to male, and I worry about unintentional exposure and the possible risks it poses to girls.

Conservatives argue that if it happens and your daughter identifies as male, she should be cast aside as deviant even if it's just a genetic mutation beyond her control. The 'woke' side argues for not just acceptance but celebration of the transition with a proud selfie following her mastectomy and a joyous reveal party when she decides which arm she will sacrifice to create her male anatomy.

Aren't there parents who love their children unconditionally but also support research to comprehend this phenomenon, hoping their kids avoid invasive surgeries and medication? Is this perspective really extremist?

Does anyone else question the recent shift from rare, primarily male-to-female transitions to a surge in female-to-male ones? Could exposing girls to the testosterone we pump into our food and lather on our skin be a factor? Could profit motives be causing endocrinology clinics to lean towards gender transition instead of biological gender affirmation? Could the common ownership and management between corporate media and these medical companies influence the media’s woke narrative?

I've created free software anonymously in the past, some of which saw millions of users virtually overnight. In this spirit, I developed FactBid a couple years ago - a platform designed to crowdsource bids or pledges to discover crucial facts that can resolve important controversies. My hope was that popular commentators would use it to unearth hard evidence, potentially changing the world. For instance, during the early pandemic days, suspicions about a Wuhan lab cover-up would have been resolved if influencers got on board and helped crowdsource millions of pledges to incentivize a whistleblower to defect and produce the hard evidence everyone agrees our governments are hiding.  Since there was no sufficient incentive, we still can’t even get a backup copy of the Wuhan lab’s once-public database of research experiments that both US and China officials are withholding.   Similarly, in 2020 when scientists discovered Far UVC light could be the game changer to quickly end the pandemic, the topic was swiftly censored, and both the technology and the FDA applications inexplicably vanished despite every scientific study finding it both safe and effective, as ChatGPT confirmed in Episode 1.  I assume this was due to lack of profit potential and a threat to vaccines.  If influencers had gotten the public onboard with the idea of crowdfunding ourselves the clinical trials and FDA approval, maybe these non-patentable, non-profitable solutions would have had a fair shot so we didn’t need to stay locked in our homes until the vaccines arrived.

I don’t know why this activism concept didn't catch on. Now, I'm making these videos myself, realizing I might not be the best spokesperson. Yet, I hope one of these issues will strike a chord, encouraging others to embrace this crowdsourcing idea to tackle controversies and build a better future. Today, I'm trying it with the transgender debate. As ChatGPT pointed out, despite the explosion in gender studies, there's still a lack of basic understanding about whether medical or environmental factors might be contributing to the rising number of transgender individuals.

I’m creating #JustGenderFacts to tweet offers to crowdfund a comprehensive, quality, peer-reviewed study that has no bias and just focuses on facts to answer the questions this video raises.  Quality studies require funding.  So studies always have to suit the sponsor’s agenda.  I’m hoping we can be the sponsors, without an agenda or product to sell.  Nobody’s done this before. Visit, click the hashtag, and tweet your bid.  

Researchers are invited to use this thread to share their expertise, ideas, and conduct surveys to establish consensus. Once consensus is achieved, they can tweet their proposal with the hashtag #factbidclaim and include details for donations, such as GoFundMe or links.

FactBid records these bids and claims for convenient tracking and donating if satisfied. Remember, FactBid is nonbinding; it's a free, non-commercial, public-domain tool to raise awareness, as well as organize bids and claims, allowing us to support those who provide the essential facts society requires.

Also, tweet bids with #KeepGenderClinicsHonest to ensure they prioritize patients over profit.  That is how we incentivize whistleblowers who expose evidence of misuse or profit-driven promotion of transgenderism.  No one who sees abuse should feel compelled to turn a blind eye because they can’t afford to lose their job. We can pledge to support those who risk their careers to protect children. Anyone with evidence of abuse can tweet it with these hashtags along with donation details, like a legal defense fund or bitcoin wallet, allowing us to make voluntary donations.

If you share this sentiment, please visit, click the hashtag then the button to start your own tweet. Obtaining facts would reduce the toxic, polarized discourse. Everyone benefits from clear, unbiased information.


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