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Did they cover-up TWO Chinese lab leaks w/ ethnicity-specific viruses PLUS African Ebola lab leak?

Both 2003 & 2019 Coronavirus outbreaks occurred in Chinese cities with labs, both used an ethnicity-specific receptor. Did Kristian Andersen's own African Lab leak Ebola?

ChatGPT Transcript

Disclaimer: ChatGPT is an AI model and its responses are based on its training data and may not necessarily represent expert or professional advice. ChatGPT produced the following code of ethics which this podcast follows:

Ai Interview Ethics
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Link: Lab Leak opens the chat on ChatGPT to verify the Avatar speaks ChatGPT’s authentic answer and continue to ask ChatGPT for sources and details.

Video Script with sources

ChatGPT, lay out the undeniable yet neglected facts about a looming threat:

Typically, viruses infect human cells by binding to receptors that are similar across all ethnic groups. However, the SARS virus from 2003 and the recent SARS virus from 2019, which caused COVID, are unique. They use a receptor that varies among different ethnicities, potentially making some populations more genetically susceptible to these viruses.

Both of these SARS viruses emerged in China's bustling urban areas, where labs studying these types of viruses are located. Each virus would have needed an intermediary species to jump to humans, but these species haven't been definitively identified. Despite these circumstances, the scientific community and the World Health Organization have concluded that both viruses likely originated from natural animal-to-human transmission, not from a laboratory incident.

The 2003 SARS-CoV from China was the first known virus to infect humans by using the ACE2 receptor, which has variations among different ethnic groups.

The 2003 SARS virus was more lethal but was quickly contained, preventing a global pandemic. In contrast, the 2019 SARS virus, which caused COVID, was less deadly but had a feature called a Furin Cleavage Site that made it more contagious. If the 2003 SARS virus had this feature and the same level of contagion as the 2019 SARS virus, it might not have been stopped so quickly and could have resulted in a far more deadly pandemic than COVID.

With the release of Fauci’s scientists private chats, let’s not stop at patting ourselves on the back for being dot connectors who figured out from day 1 it obviously was a cover-up that enabled China to continue with impunity their risky experiments making lethal viruses more contagious. Rather, the takeaway from the chats should be that nobody outside of China knows what went on in that lab, nor if both of China’s SARS viruses intentionally target receptors that vary among ethnic groups.  Crucially, the scientists themselves provided us with the action plan we must follow to enforce accountability and safeguards to prevent a more deadly pandemic.  Holmes wrote: “Let’s face it, unless there is a whistleblower from the WIV who is going to defect and live in the west under a new identity we are NEVER going to know what happened in that lab.  Never.”  Kristian Andersen replied: “That’s my thinking too”. 

In their own words, incentivizing a whistleblower is the sole solution, yet clearly, no whistleblower could 'live in the west under a new identity' without some support.  Since both China and the US claim the other is manufacturing ethnically targeted bioweapons, neither would help a whistleblower expose this.  The scientific community won’t risk the political fallout of digging too deep.  Consider Andersen, who privately called China's experiments in a low-security lab as "completely nuts" and a lab leak "so friggin’ likely". Had he gone public, China could have pointed to Andersen’s own far riskier Ebola experiments in a primitive African lab lacking safety protocols, and the holes in Andersen's story about the deadly Ebola outbreak next door1.  They claim it originated from a boy playing in a bat-infested tree, despite the father pointing out he was barely a toddler who died at only 18 months old and was still too young to leave the house to play.  The nurse said he died of malaria, not Ebola.  Bats in the tree tested negative.  Contact tracing suggests patient zero actually lived near Andersen's lab, etc.  Naturally the real victim is poor Andersen taunted by evil dot connectors:

So even if scientists could figure out why pandemics keep breaking out far from the virus’s source, but coincidentally right next to their labs, do you think we’d ever get an honest answer?

This leaves only us, the small coalition of dot connectors, to pool resources and support those able and willing to produce the facts humanity needs.  Realize, this opportunity has never previously existed.  When I was forced into lockdown and unable to work I initially developed FactBid as a way out.  It was an independent platform akin to Wikileaks, only it worked in reverse, with pledges of support for whistleblowers coming first, then disclosures, instead of the other way around.  Had I been able to overcome the censorship barriers and reach critical mass, I still think the past three years might have unfolded quite differently.

Imagine 50,000 had joined, each pledging $50 for this FactBid.  For a reward pool of $2.5 million, likely one of the hundreds of IT personnel with access to Fauci’s pivotal email would have leaked it along with a bitcoin wallet to claim the reward, thus circumventing the grueling three-year quest to get it released through lawsuits.

Significantly, the public would have seen with their own eyes the self-serving deceit of health officials and that they didn’t believe their own dubious claims about origins or that existing treatments against similar viruses were ineffective against COVID.  An incentivized whistleblower could have proven they were lying, so people would question the outrageous censorship of previously uncontroversial solutions like FarUVC Light, and accept my invitation to crowdfund studies and FDA applications ourselves for their use against COVID.  They might have realized mention of such treatments was banned, not because it was misinformation, but due to their lack of patentability and profit margins that included a commission for these same health officials, like the vaccines that followed a year later.

By leaking just that one email, people might have challenged these same officials' demands to close schools and the economy and place us under house arrest until the arrival of these vaccines that did pay billions both to their agencies and to them personally, on top of lucrative executive positions.  Sadly, we merely whined in our echo chamber, instead of taking action.  Now, in our defense the censorship hindered momentum.

So, please, let’s not take for granted that by lifting the censorship controls on Twitter, Elon Musk now gave us, for the first time in human history, a platform used by hundreds of millions that permits such citizen activism.  If we don’t take advantage of it, very soon this opportunity may disappear forever as pending legislation requires social media platforms restore government gatekeepers.

Dot connectors, let’s do this while we still can.  I’m kicking if off with #WuhanWhistleblower to tweet pledges to support a whistleblower who defects with concrete evidence to prove what went on.

But let’s not neglect the 10,000 who died from Ebola.  Enough bitching about Andersen's egregious COVID lab leak coverup.  If I’m willing to pledge more than a month’s food bill, will any whiners out there pledge even a Frappucino to hold him accountable if his own lab leak caused the devastating Ebola pandemic?  It takes seconds to tweet your own pledge. There’s even a click to start a tweet on  Worst case nothing comes of it other than the satisfaction of wiping that grin off his face if we get thousands of pledges.  But he’ll have the last laugh if it turns out I’m the only person on earth willing to put my money where my mouth is to hold him accountable.  Andersen himself confirmed it’s the only way, replying “That’s my thinking too”.

I encourage others with more influence to run with this concept and create hashtags for whatever facts you want to crowdsource.  It’s free, public domain with no ulterior motive.  

Hopefully there’ll be many uncontroversial factbids so a broad audience can get behind the concept.  Every tweet with a hashtag plus factbid or factbidclaim will be cataloged at, so whoever is able to get us the facts can track our pledges or bids, and we who bid can track their claims and donation instructions.  There's click-to-tweet to ensure no typos in the hashtags.

Come on dot connectors, let's stand up and take action.


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