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In 6 seconds verify RFK's claim that FDA vax page does NOT claim safety trials use placebos

Does MSM's refusal prove Kennedy Derangement Syndrome?

Tragically this article1 provides stark confirmation of the devastating impact of RFK's epic truth bombs, relentlessly inflicting debilitating neurological damage that left poor Charlotte Klein stricken with severe Kennedy Derangement Syndrome.  Here’s the fateful exchange Charlotte identified as the trigger:2

Admittedly sometimes RFK brings up complex gray issues that might go over the head of the average 10 year old.  But not this time.  They’re merely disagreeing on whether this FDA webpage3 states safety testing includes placebo controlled studies.  The host insists it does, RFK says it does not.

Let’s time how long it takes an average 10 year old to identify who is correct:

Click, search, placebo, zero results.  It takes 6 seconds to prove Kennedy is right.  Come on Charlotte, was that really beyond your technical skillset?  Is your KDS so incapacitating you honestly thought Kennedy was wrong on this issue?

Of course, if Charlotte were an actual journalist not crippled by a neurological disorder, she’d have reviewed the safety studies for the DTAP vaccines RFK called out.  It took me 5 minutes to confirm that, just like RFK said, for all 7 approved DTAP, the “placebo” used in the safety test was the competing brand’s vaccine.

Let’s put on our thinking caps for a second.  Imagine with the FDA-approved trial of the Pfizer and Modern COVID jabs, each was safety tested against a “placebo” that was actually the other’s vaccine.  Within 24 hours of administration, half the trial participants were dead from  myocarditis.  Can anybody else see a problem that, according to the FDA’s criteria, that safety trial was a stunning success proving both vaccines are totally safe because the rate of adverse reactions was identical between the vaccine and “placebo”?

Perhaps the obviousness of RFK's point forces the corporate media to resort to desperate tactics of censorship and pathetic hit pieces like this to discredit him.  And Vanity Fair is one of the very few corporate media outlets that’s NOT jointly owned by pharma companies.  Imagine the lows to which THOSE outlets will sink to silence him.

Tragically, Kennedy Derangement Syndrome is the one condition pharma is not trying to cure, and nine out of ten cases are chronic.  We can do nothing but pray for Charlotte’s speedy recovery.




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