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ChatGPT analysis: Does Hawaii's new law prevent or perpetrate a land grab from Maui fire victims?

AI reveals the fast-track to secure justice, root out profiteering and corruption in smart-city planning

ChatGPT Transcript

Disclaimer: ChatGPT is an AI model and its responses are based on its training data and may not necessarily represent expert or professional advice. ChatGPT produced the following code of ethics which this podcast follows:

Ai Interview Ethics
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Link: Hawaii Eminent domain open the chat on ChatGPT to verify the Avatar speaks ChatGPT’s authentic answer and continue to ask ChatGPT for sources and details to fact-check.

Video Script with sources

Marc Andreessen proclaimed, 'AI can save the world if we let it'. That can happen today.  Here AI presents the ONLY clear path to justice for the Maui fire victims plus a shield against land grabs and ulterior motives in 15-minute smart cities.

I’m using ChatGPT plugins to feed it the Maui fires Wikipedia page plus last month’s governor's proclamation and transcripts of his response to the fires.  Continue my session on ChatGPT to fact-check and verify the Avatar speaks its truthful summary.

On July 13, 2023, the governor issued a proclamation granting powers to requisition real estate, primarily to address Hawaii's housing crisis. While the focus was on housing, these powers could conceivably allow the governor to take over land affected by wildfires.

After the fires, the governor warned property developers: “please don’t approach them with an offer to buy land, please don’t approach their families to tell them that they’re going to better off to make a deal, because we’re to going to allow it.”  And to desperate homeowners who lost everything and need cash he said: “I’ve instructed the attorney general to work toward a moratorium on any transactions”.  Since homeowners will be prohibited from selling to the highest bidder he said: “I’m already thinking about ways for the state to acquire that land”.

It's atypical for the government to deter third-party offers when eyeing land through eminent domain. Such discouragement can weaken homeowners' negotiation leverage, potentially leading the state to undervalue properties. This approach raises legal concerns and could be seen as governmental overreach.

So there are red flags.  Every tragedy is exploited by profiteers.  Obviously the smart city developers previously seeking this land will try to exploit it.  The question is whose side Hawaii’s officials are on.  Is their intention to prevent the exploitation of fire victims or to facilitate it?

Land grab

ChatGPT, how can they know?:

Exposing potential corruption requires a systematic approach.

Legal avenues are long and costly. These victims are homeless and need facts now to decide how to move forward.  Only option 2, a whistleblower, can provide immediate answers.

Incentivizing whistleblowers can indeed expedite the process of uncovering the truth.

Incentivizing whistleblowers IS THE quick, guaranteed path to justice.  Say this idea goes viral and we amass hundreds of thousands of pledges totaling $10 million for whoever produces verifiable evidence of foul play.  In that case there’s only 2 outcomes and both are positive: 1) The bounty incentivizes a whistleblower to come forward with evidence so victims can sue for justice and hold accountable unscrupulous predators. Or 2) Nobody comes forward, and it cost us nothing to reassure Maui victims there probably is not some nefarious plot since a $10 million bounty should have been sufficient to draw it out.  On the flip side, fire victims suffer further if we don't incentivize the hard facts they need, leaving them in the dark, torn between following conspiracy theories or closing their eyes and hoping their leaders lack conflicts of interest.

I developed FactBid, a free, public-domain tool for this purpose.  Click the link to track our pledges, or bids, for the hard facts, and this button to start a post to add yours.  That way anyone with hard evidence, but afraid of coming forward due to the repercussions of turning whistleblower, can see that we’ll support them with resources for a security detail, legal defense fund, or even relocating.  They can then post a claim with the evidence and their direct donation instructions for us to follow if satisfied. catalogs bids and claims by hashtag.

Oprah, your neighbors will surely appreciate your generous pledge to help with food and shelter, but equally a pledge to ensure they are not taken advantage of.  Marc, why not show people the positive side of AI with this novel concept?  Elon, if X is the everything app, why not use it to root out corruption so we can move forward with smart cities unafraid it’s a trojan horse planted by the pandemic profiteers?

Nobody’s tried it before, but it can’t hurt.  It costs nothing to pledge incentives for evidence of corruption.  If it works we make history and help restore faith in institutions.  Even if it doesn’t we still sent a message that we’re willing to stand up against racketeering.  It’d be a win not just for Maui's victims but for everyone leary of cronyism and public/private initiatives.

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