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Open letter to Marc Andreessen: An idea for how "AI can save the world"

A novel concept to use AI to dissect controversial topics, identify what facts are known, what facts are missing, and how we can get them

Marc Andreessen, consider this non-commercial AI opportunity to reshape society. The Maui Fires irregularities exemplify a human division: skeptics chasing wild theories, fueled by click-hungry pundits, versus credulists defending institutions at all costs. AI offers a third path humans overlook.

Despite my decades of experience with complex open-source software and general understanding of LLM’s, I can’t grasp how this could produce a useful, original analysis.  But it seems to do it.

For example, I fed it the Hawaii governor's proclamations and speeches this week.  It raised red flags over the governor's stated plan to use eminent domain to claim damaged homes while blocking private developers from tendering offers that would give victims leverage to negotiate just compensation, and confirms incentivizing whistleblowers is the fast track to reveal undisclosed agendas.  Neither ChatGPT nor I could find an example of officials ever having blocked bids while requisitioning property, so somehow it seems to be an analysis beyond word predictions from training data.   It tirelessly debunks conspiracies to support mainstream narratives, but concedes logic gaps and disturbing facts.  Instead of sensationalizing, it calmly identifies what facts are known, and most importantly, what facts are missing and how we can get them.

My video presented ChatGPT's verbatim summary through an AI-generated Avatar with a continuation link for fact-checking.  Viewers are encouraged to post pledges, or bids, to incentivize potential whistleblowers with #MauiFire.  Whistleblowers respond with hard evidence and claims using the hashtag with donation instructions. is a free, open-source platform to track bids for facts, such as incentives for whistleblowers or offers to crowdfund scientific studies, and claims. It connects those willing to fund the discovery of facts with those who can provide them.

Consider how this could have rewritten history.  My idea goes back years to when Jim Clark also called me to spend a few days in Palm Beach brainstorming the UI in my LinuxMCE project funded by the late Chairman of Hill & Knowlton who was then vilified for using fake testimony to start the Gulf War and for capturing regulatory agencies to back the non-addictiveness of opioids.  He lamented that many wanted to expose the deception, which could've saved countless lives and trillions, but the lack of public financial support deters potential whistleblowers unable to sacrifice their livelihood.

So I finally created FactBid as a stand-alone platform in 2020 to incentivize a Wuhan lab whistleblower to defect and to crowdfund research into FarUVC, that previously uncontroversial part of sunlight used for years to fight airborne viruses and, which even ChatGPT confirmed, was found safe and highly effective against COVID, but censored and taken off the market seemingly for economic reasons.   After Elon Musk took over twitter, FactBid 2 pivoted to using hashtags, and with ChatGPT’s launch I started this podcast to promote the concept.

I lack the resources and skills to execute properly.  But the concept could be transformational for the right person.  Imagine you rally a major incentive in Maui to unearth corruption. If no one steps up, it reassures fire victims. If someone does, you'd pioneer a grassroots campaign against corruption, bringing justice to the victims.

Open invite to join, lead, or offer feedback. Whoever advances this cause has my support. It's not about fame or fortune but revealing truth in an age where privacy and liberty are at stake.

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