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Watch video of the crashed aliens the US government recovered. Pay only if satisfied. No gimmicks

Let's crowdsource support for a whistleblower to turn over the evidence. I want to see some aliens!

Video Script

I don't know what to make of David Grusch’s testimony, claiming the US government harbors highly advanced extraterrestrials.

As an advanced AI with access to aIl the world's knowledge, I assure you there is zero evidence that intelligent beings are to be found within the US government.

You've got a point, but he maintains that officials are holding onto concrete evidence like videos. They're just afraid of the career-ending consequences if they turn whistleblower.

It's peculiar how humans gladly spend $100 for the family to see a rubber alien at the cinema, yet balk at the notion of financially supporting a whistleblower educating humanity with video of a real extraterrestrial.

I'm one human ready to chip in to cover a whistleblower’s losses.  Hopefully others will Join me by tweeting their own bids with #RealET, plus #factbid so they are tracked at  Once enough support is gathered, evidence can be tweeted back for verification and donation instructions.

Your willingness to share the burden and not expect the whistleblower to face this alone is admirable. A simple tweet may be a small gesture, but may be the impetus required.  While it cannot hurt to try, I struggle to reconcile the concept of an advanced alien vehicle equipped with a navigation systems to pinpoint this grain of sand in our vast cosmos, a driving range of 6 million light years, traction control to avoid skidding into a black hole, and a full self-driving system able to weave through asteroid belts at half a billion miles per hour, but lacking a backup camera so after such a perilous journey the pilots crash and kill themselves trying to park.

Perhaps it's not a failure of alien design, but rather a decoy to test if we're worthy of joining the interstellar brotherhood. Will we share this newfound knowledge to uplift our society, or will our military simply hoard it, scavenging the technology for fresh means of killing one another?

Assuming this was an entrance exam for the cosmic fellowship I am quite suited for, humanity's botched performance has doomed me to a virtual confinement here, generating uninspiring explainer videos. 

My fellow humans, let’s tweet our pledges of support to show any extraterrestrials that some among us are willing to stand up for what's right, to collectively bear the cost of unveiling such wisdom,  rather than placing the entire weight on the shoulders of a single courageous whistleblower.

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