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PLEASE let's expose the greatest coverup in history, not spend ANOTHER 20 years whining about it!

Even pro-establishment confirms we CAN do it by tweeting pledges to support a whistleblower who turns over verifiable evidence

The conversations around ChatGPT's analysis of the AIDS Lab Leak theory are encouraging, and the pledge to donate if I monetize is flattering but, please, pledges need to go to potential whistleblowers with hard evidence, otherwise this will never be settled and there will be no accountability nor lessons learned.

Understand a leak of this magnitude would be Snowden on steroids, and nobody with such elevated access is a young moralist, with no family to care for, able to flee with only the shirt on their back, hoping for asylum, and gifts of food and shelter to make it out alive.  They need us to first add ourselves to the list of supporters they can count on to have their back.

Nobody’s tried this before.  And I know it sounds naive and utopian.  That’s why I asked ChatGPT to analyze the concept in Episode 5.  ChatGPT always validates the establishment narrative if at all possible.  It only concedes maverick concepts that are so grounded in logic, its attempts to refute them cause meltdown.  So, in that video I gave my name, background, property and corporate record, and ChatGPT on its own identified my business partner’s starting of the first Gulf War as the most notorious example of war profiteering, and reluctantly conceded the logic was undeniable that if this concept existed back then, we could have prevented wars, saved millions of lives and trillions of dollars.

Thus with the AIDS Lab Leak, let’s keep an open mind.  This link opens my ChatGPT conversation with the AI Avatar so you can continue the chat to confirm AI really did identify the missing facts we need to crowdsource.  It is indisputable that:

  1. In 1957, a polio vaccine was administered in the Congo which the maker conceded might have contained the AIDS virus, and that a couple years later, several became the earliest confirmed AIDS cases.

  2. ChatGPT cannot find one paper that actually refutes the obvious connection.  Rather on closer examination, they dismiss it by resorting to absurd logic flaws.

The missing fact we need to crowdsource, the third rail ChatGPT confirms they never dare touch is: What happened to the tissue samples used to make the vaccine retrieved from the Congo lab which we know Drs. Hamilton and Worobey visited around January 2000?  Unquestionably that would solve the mystery.  Yet all we know for sure is Dr. Hamilton gave this CNN interview alleging an unprecedented global conspiracy and cover-up, and that Hamilton organized a conference to be held March 2000 to present the evidence, but was found dead a couple weeks prior.  In interviews Worobey dodges the question with evasive non-answers.  The minute Hamilton's heart stopped, Fauci took over the investigation but the Congo samples are kryptonite Fauci never mentions.

Their taboo nature suggests Hamilton was right about concealing a massacre bigger than the World Wars, which, if exposed, would shake the blind faith placed in leaders who secretly played russian roulette with the human race.  Privately I’ve been informed many have verifiable evidence but are afraid to come forward.

Consider. What If Iceland offered asylum for the family of whoever comes forward, and our tweets with pledges totalled over a billion dollars? isn’t it obvious somebody with verifiable evidence would likely step out of the woodwork?  Logically, there MUST be some level of support that would be sufficient incentive.  It can’t hurt to try reaching it.  Worst case, we don’t gain critical mass, but at least when the next lab leak occurs our tweets prove we tried to prevent it.  So, please, let’s give it a try.  Tweet your pledges with this hashtag, plus #factbid so it’s tracked for potential whistleblowers to see who will support them. Then they can come forward, tweet donation instructions using the hashtag plus #factbidclaim.  Their claim will appear here, allowing us to fulfill our pledges or bids, such as depositing donations into a Bitcoin ATM.  Of course, only if we're satisfied.

I appreciate the stigma around supporting whistleblowers, even if it's just a non-binding tweet. But, with enough people, we'd become an unstoppable force. Or if you're hesitant, consider pledging to a non-controversial FactBid, like this one to crowdfund a definitive study on vaccine safety, a task the CDC was mandated by Congress but refuses to undertake. This would settle the debate before the 2024 election, removing any pretext for censoring candidates.

A lot hangs in the balance.  A mainstream platform for this type of citizen activism has only been available for a few months, and, unless we score a big public win now to let the genie out, the bottle will be sealed forever by the pending legislation that requires social media posts and financial donations pass through government gatekeepers.  So pick one of these hashtags to add your pledge, or create your own hashtag for facts, or tell me how to improve the concept, or copy it and make your own.  It’s public domain and open source.  I don't care who takes credit. What matters is accountability, exposing conspiracies, speaking truth to power.  To ensure there’s no typos in your hashtags that would prevent your tweet getting counted, it’s easiest to use the blue button at to start an editable tweet.

Like whistleblowers, investigative journalists also have been hunted to near extinction.  So let's encourage popular influencers to fill those shoes by not just passively talking about events after they pass, but helping us gain momentum to crowdsource facts to chart a better future.

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