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ChatGPT factchecks @RobertKennedyJr comments on SARS-COV2 and race, which the White House and MSM claim is a "conspiracy theory"

How can the commander-in-chief be clueless about this? Is it a war on science and intellectualism?

ChatGPT Transcript

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Video Script with sources

The media ratcheted up their bizarre assault on science and intellectualism as they attacked RFK, literally, for his capacity to read a scientific paper, deeming this alone makes him unfit for high office. Seriously.  ChatGPT, please summarize the scientific paper that sparked a media firestorm when RFK merely mentioned it.

The paper suggests that SARS-CoV-2 may interact differently with various ethnic groups due to genetic differences. Specifically, a common genetic variation in the Ashkenazi Jewish population could potentially make them less susceptible to the virus. This research was published in a reputable, peer-reviewed journal and conducted by scientists from respected institutions. There's no evidence to suggest that this study promotes any form of conspiracy theory, including anti-Semitic ones. It's a serious scientific study exploring how genetic differences might influence the risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Naturally, the vapid media cannot challenge the credibility of the paper or Kennedy's accurate representation of its contents.  Instead, their intention is to keep us oblivious to its existence, like the sitting President seems to be.  Kennedy didn’t jump to conclusions.  He just shared at a private dinner party a puzzling scientific discovery that piqued his curiosity, a sign of intellectualism once embraced.  In my view, it is crucial for the person in charge of the military to show interest in these topics given reports of engineered bioweapons targeting specific ethnicities and US intelligence indicating collaboration between the Wuhan Lab and the Chinese Military.  

Per the media a prerequisite for holding higher office is blissful ignorance of such topics and a struggle to read mindless, pandering drivel from a teleprompter.  Substantive discussions are disqualifying due to their potential to offend emotional hemophiliacs or interrupt the march to a dystopian blend of "1984" and "Idiocracy."

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